Contact Dermatitis is caused by the direct action of substances on the skin causing inflammation of the skin. An individual can be intolerant to any substance but there are common irritants that may result in red, itchy, dry skin at the point of contact.

Common sources of contact dermatitis:

Detergents / Soaps Acids / Alkalis
Petrol products / Oil industry Latex - rubber gloves, elastic in clothing
Nickel - jewellery, belts Chromate - leather shoes and cement
Lanolin - creams, ointments Colophany - plasters
Paraphenylenediamine - hair dyes Plants - poison ivy
Parabens/Formaldehyde – preservatives Deodorant
Alcohol Fragrance


By identifying the substance causing the reaction and striving to avoid contact with the irritant, flare-ups can be dramatically reduced.

If you are worried you or your child has contact dermatitis, please visit your local medical doctor for medical diagnosis and treatment.